Cursed Pirate Girl

A few months ago I had paid a visit to my local comic book shop, Vintage Phoenix, and a comic I had never heard of caught my eye:


The title had my attention so I picked it up and began thumbing through it, not having a clue how beautiful the artistry would be. The amount of detail within each page was overwhelming, it was like seeing old wood prints but so much more was going on. Cursed Pirate Girl is written and drawn by Jeremy Bastian, who’s life work has become this impressive story about a girl in search for her father, one of five possible pirate captains sailing the Omerta Seas. I had to have it and purchased it that day, ogling it all the way home until I realized I had just picked up not the first issue of a series but part five. I don’t regret picking it up, but knew I needed to get my hands on all of the previous stories in order to read that beautiful issue.


Luckily, last week my local shop got Volume 1 in and I brought it home, eager to see even more artwork and finally read this story. Turns out, because this comic is so intricately detailed to the point where you can spend several long moments looking each page over, it takes quite a while to put each issue together. This comic has been ongoing since 2012, from what I could tell, and has only produced five issues. However, if you’re a Venture Bros. fan this experience would be all too familiar; and like that perfect show, the wait is absolutely worth it because quality over quantity is definitely what you want. I mean, you can’t rush this:


Reading through volume one introduced me to the strong-willed Cursed Pirate Girl, her drive to find her father, and the strange and mystical creatures under the sea and beyond. Personally, I felt the latest issue had the best balance between the story and character progression, and in-depth artwork.  I mean, there was a three page fold out of a scene I cannot provide a proper picture of because it just won’t do it justice!


Which brings me to my next point: if you do purchase this, please get it in print. I’m not anti-digital (I’m an avid user of both), I just feel like this is worth having on paper and in hand. Now I patiently await the Cursed Pirate Girl’s future adventures and escapades!